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TV, Movie & Production Set Medics

Whether your production is for one day or long term, we can provide you with experienced Medical Doctors, Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians. We will dedicate our shift to the treatment of any injury or illness that occurs and we will be easily recognized by everyone at the site. We will be seen but not heard! (Of course we can also provide discreetly dressed medics according to your specific needs). Our supervisory staff is also available to you on a consultation basis to assure accuracy and authenticity when your production involves emergency medical response, treatment protocols, or any scenes within the Emergency Medical, Fire/ Rescue or SCUBA Rescue Services industry.      

We are experts in the treatment of sudden injury and illness's. We do this very well and are committed to helping you keep the day moving by not wasting time in making big issues out of small incidents. If we can treat a patient and get them right back to work that's our goal. We understand that any time lost in production is expensive and time consuming.

All of our personnel will be dressed appropriately, with the proper equipment and supplies. Our medics can be assigned to one individual or to the entire cast and crew and will meet with you prior to every job to help determine the best medical equipment needed as well as any other possible "exposures" that may be present and in need of our services. We will pay particular attention to the medical needs of any cast or crew member who requires more individualized attention. When requested, we can assign highly trained Personal Protection & Medical Escort to any cast member requiring this service. We do not provide typical "body guards or visual personal deterrents", we provide highly trained and experienced protection and medical escorts.     

Our focus is on the recognition of hazards and the injuries that may occur. We will treat every injury or illness promptly, discreetly and professionally.
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