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CPR, AED, First Aid Training

We offer on site training for you and your employees. Our instructors are nationally certified by American Heart Association and National Safety Council. More importantly, they are active members of Fire and Emergency Medical Services - not just a classroom instructor with a certificate.

CPR, AED, First Aid or Bloodborne Pathogen classes can be combined or taught separately and if required, all training will meet or exceed the 2012 CPR, ECC Guidelines and OSHA standards for First Aid in the workplace.

First Aid classes at the basic or advanced level will cover how to act in an emergency and include First Aid training for -
Preventing disease transmission, Checking the victim, Basic life support, Recovery position, Choking, Heart attack & chest pain, Bleeding and wound care, Shock, Burns, Serious injuries, Bone, joint and muscle injuries, Sudden illness, Allergic Reactions, Poisoning, Cold and heat emergencies, Rescuing and moving victims.

Students will be taught CPR , the use of an AED, choking and airway management for Adults, Children and Infants.

At the completion of the class every student will be issued a Nationally recognized
certification card and be provided with a student workbook. We will provide all first aid training supplies, CPR manikens, AED training units and Epi Pen trainers. Each student will be provided with their own airway Pocket Mask to train with and keep at the end of the class.

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